The Member Benefits Trust was established to provide health and welfare benefits for members by members. The MBT, by using compassion, caring and an understanding of our industry and available benefits, strives to provide the highest quality of sustainable Health and Welfare Benefits to beneficiaries to give them security and peace of mind.


Brenda Crichlow

Chair : MBT/RBS

Trevor Jones

Communications Officer: MBT/RBS

Joe Dessoro

Treasurer: MBT/RBS

Brad Loree

MBT Trustee, RBS Director

Winnie Hung

MBT Trustee, RBS Director

Maya Macatumpag

MBT Trustee, RBS Director

Katie Stuart

MBT Trustee, RBS Director


The Member Benefits Trust (MBT) plan, created For Members By Members in 1992, provides health and welfare benefits to over 2,000 members. Member feedback and participation drive the plan; the Board of Trustees is made up exclusively of MBT members, and any changes to the Insurance Program must be approved by member vote. Members are also welcome to suggest changes for plan improvements.

MBT Trustees, advisors, and staff are committed to providing members, in a wide range of incomes, with the best insurance program possible by maximizing the value of contributions made by Producers. From providing extended health benefits to members earning a minimum of $4,500 a year to providing a long-term disability plan to members earning a minimum of $35,000 a year, the MBT Insurance Program offers something for everyone.

In addition to the health, dental, life, and disability benefits provided through the MBT Insurance Program, the Retirement Program offers a broad variety of excellent RRSP investment options to help members meet their retirement savings goals. Our RRSP provider, Great-West Life, administers over $30 billion in assets which are managed by the country’s top investment fund managers.

We invite you to browse our website, and encourage you to contact Sarah King, Plan Administrator, by phone (604.689.0727, ext. 2261) or email (sarah@mbt.ca) with any questions you may have.

We look forward to serving you in the years to come!

Your MBT Trustees,

Brenda Crichlow           Winnie Hung
Joe Doserro                  Katie Stuart
Trevor Jones                 Maya Macatumpag
Brad Loree


Sarah King

Sarah King

MBT/RBS Plan Administrator


Parveen Chand

Parveen Chand

MBT Accountant


Tunde Szamoskozi

Tunde Szamoskozi

Benefits Administrator